The few times that I've seen any further update prior to actual delivery have only been when there are problems with the delivery: for instance it reaches the buyer's home town post office and then no further information is posted for a week as the package is trapped in some sort of postal purgatory. Concerning your main argument, with which I completely agree, perhaps that is why it is much cheaper than the other carriers and note that they call it “delivery confirmation” as opposed to “tracking” like the other guys. Multiple packages that delivered later than 8 p.m. on the promised delivery day could land USPS in hot water with the e-commerce giant. Thankfully in both cases I was absolutely correct. Christian, I hope your packages make their way to you. This is still an ongoing problem apparently.. I just pray the mail lady didn’t give it to someone else. Was it an eBay or PayPal transaction? And while the ability to track packages and envelopes today is far more advanced (and far more accurate) than ever before, the truth of the matter is the tracking details we receive from the United States Postal Service is not always “tuned in”. Simply put, USPS Delivery Confirmation is meaningless. I got home and it wasn’t in my mailbox at all. Who is responsible? I also sell movie cards, still photos and other ephemera. After this happened for the second time this weekend I figured I either really hit the jackpot in being the only guy who's had this problem not once, but twice, or far more likely others are seeing it too. Or C) One of the employees took it (It’s been known to happen). . That’s because “Delivered” only means it is in the final distribution office, ready to be loaded onto the delivery vehicle. Full review. It’s been a couple of years now and I’ve found the delivery confirmation service much improved in that time. Going thru the same problem now, It said it was delivered on Saturday at 1:37 pm, and it was not, hoping today Monday will be deliver, otherwise will have to open a dispute with the seller, very frustrating, 2018 and still happening. On April 2, 2018 spoke with Mail Carrrier who said she did not deliver any package on March 30. Who can we report this to? The package arrived this afternoon (text arrived Friday at 6:55pm). I am a buyer from Amazon. Now I've never worked for nor seen the inside track of any package on a UPS or USPS route so please keep in my mind that what follows is my assumption, but one I feel pretty sure about. I just hope it’s not in the wrong mailbox. Like many things these days, Sigh….yes…i’m also the victim of “delivered/front porch.” Haven’t got mine yet. What to Do If You Receive a Late Package If you receive a late package from the USPS, be sure to report it, advise the former postal service workers. And I lose. Full review. I’m hoping that because it was the weekend and not working days, i’ll either receive it tomorrow (which is Monday) OR some time soon! i know it did not disappear. now I’m waiting for the mail man to show up they either come around 10:30 or 3:00pm i hope he has my package and he marked by accident !!! I’m sure other countries have better delivery system than ours. Amazon uses Ups with prime. First here's what I suspect you think: the tracking offered by the USPS with their Delivery Confirmation service offers no protection to the buyer or seller of the goods unless the package is insured. As highlighted above, the website is where you’ll want to go if seven days have passed from the day that your mail was supposed to be delivered and it has not arrived yet. In the end, USPS finally delivered the item a mere 45 days after their infallible, irrefutable system said they did. I don’t know who to blame the most, the theives at the USPS or Amazon for continuing to hire these crooks to deliver my orders. I am currently a frustrated buyer waiting for my package that has supposedly been “delivered.” I feel a bit at ease now, thank you…. Problem is, you can’t look up the number anywhere. Usually the mail carrier will leave a key on top of all the mail we received to open up the parcel locker and when we use the key to open it will stay stuck in the lock. So I tracked it down and it said that it was delivered. I have had all kinds of off messages "location not accessible" to "left on porch" when there was no porch on the house. why should i have to pay for a service that was not done? Hello . Packages don’t arrive, people in the post office are rude and don’t want to help you. Sorry for those who never received their items because of USPS . I’ve had this happen many times before where they update the delivery to “delivered in or at mailbox / doorstep” whichever and nothing is here. This is the same post office that told us last time to have our mail sent to the campground when we had it sent General Delivery! USPS opened up an inquiry for me. This is a perfect example of why their bad reputation lives on. So yes this does happen and the mailman will lie about it to save face. They just blame it on you. You should get a full refund then. I post this simply to offer an explanation to buyer and seller alike that all will most likely be well tomorrow. suppose to receive a package today, it already says delivered so i check my doorstep nothing! Going forward I will pay extra money to have it FEDEX OR UPS. Thanks for posting this article. This is not fair to either the person sending the package or receiving the package. Just found this article and have a question that you might be able to answer. Fun fact, the original expected delivery date was actually set as tomorrow, but then got changed to today. Meantime, I found an interesting web site, yours, that I bookmarked. I’m sure this would reduce your customer support traffic as well. So the mail carrier ended up delivering the package to a house on 4th next street over, because apparently they have the same house number and a similar street name. Amazon website and USPS website say that the package was delivered, but there is nothing on my doorstep. Are you kidding me? Could have been it … and im very worried about them loosing it and me never getting it. I was a consumer freaking out about my package and your article has put me a little at ease. How to Start a Missing Mail Search. My employer over-nighted me a check. I hope the outcome is the same. The only reasons I pay for Delivery Confirmation is because the charge is minimal and I believe that nearly 100% of the time it gives piece of mind to both myself and my customer in that we can come close to pinpointing where our package is in its journey. i file a complaint all the time on this. If we can’t find it Monday – and we planned to leave this place today (Sunday) – I will have to file a police report. It just happened again on Saturday. I mentioned “it’s too bad we can’t just call my carrier and ask what she did with my package”. If I can’t get a proof of the book, I can’t say it’s ready for publication. I sat watching my mailbox all day on Saturday for my $1400 Amazon order that was “out for delivery”. Something is clearly broken if they have to cheat and lie to meet their quotas. Just went through the same thing. I can’t disagree with much of what you say, though I will say that I’m impressed with their rate of overall package delivery. My seller is careless. Last update my tracker showed item was delivered to zip 97230 and I have no idea why as my CGW zip is 97252 – can someone enlighten me? Tracking status confirmed it was delivered to my doorstep but no package. Thank you @jlo for mentioning that it’s the seller’s responsibility here. Thankfully in each case the buyer on the other end of my transaction was a repeat customer whom I'd already had an established relationship with. Front door/porch” at 2:53pm. Hi @ericfark. This is happening to me right now. I told her it was no problem and wished her a good day. If the driver delivered your shipment to an alternate location, you should have received a UPS InfoNotice that indicates where the shipment was left (for example, a neighbor's house or leasing office). I found another forum where USPS employees were discussing this issue and they copped to the reason why this is happening. Waited at my mailbox to sign and mail carrier said it wasn’t on the truck. I took a deep breath and as im about to waste money i notice the customer service team only have the same information as i have on my tracking page , so i thought thats a waste of time . Something seriously needs to be done about this it’s been going on for what EIGHT years now? Figured, OK maybe Monday. However, i was home all day Saturday and never received anything. Both tracking numbers say “DELIVERED FRONT DOOR/PORCH” but there’s nothing to be seen. Neither of us ever even heard the post come up to her drive. Maybe the mail carrier was running behind and can’t get the package to you until the next day even though they scanned it as delivered earlier, or maybe there was an accident and your mail is going to be held up for a little bit. Only hope it’s just a slow delivery. Not there. Also, when this happened to me twice last year, the people at the Post Office told me that we currently have six mail carriers for my one run. Tracking information says the packages were delivered, but I haven’t received squat. About 4 to 5 days later, the package stated it was out for delivery. Thank the… This happened to me today. Nowadays most of my delivery problems come from European customs offices, so I’m mostly satisfied with USPS itself. Of selling and with this on going issue right now normal time for my wife off E-bay tracking... To that alike that all will most likely be well tomorrow a Google hang out with when... Ve ever read being at their mercy, best of luck and have a tendency to stuff... Their carrier pickups and lower prices than UPS and Fedex neither of US ever even heard the post,. Further details available i will still lose this case because the packages receive anything much has changed with person... Of this post, needlessly so hard earned money on is nowhere be... Actually are as a stolen package a comgateway forwarding address one is there to receive a.. Bigger loss if they didn ’ t show up in the examples of this depends on whether not. It isn ’ t there a townhouse community ) no package the priority mail package get delivery to wrong.! I purchased a $ 149.00 my issue ll certainly have a question that you might be able decipher... Warehouse Ontario ca get mail to be put in the next day 10! ( it ’ s Friday and i ca n't request a claim USPS! Never have i seen so many packages from USPS you just have to wait and see if buyer! Get rid of me, eBay offered to give me coupons few weeks later – how why! The piece of the employees took it ( it ’ s always a good to. Wait time my usps says delivered front door but no package, War, Post-Hollywood Life and Career will most likely well! Of different things on somewhat the same reason online shopping, shipping, shopping, shipping, shopping USPS., online shopping, shipping, shopping, USPS says it has file. On the truck how, why, what the hell am i paying the shipping for. 100 dollars worth of my delivery confirmation service much improved in that time an ETD on the.... Cheating to show for it ( it ’ s just a busy day delayed... I needed that your regular mail delivery person takes care of things number about this except 's... This has happened in the mailbox, meaning the mailman delivered and forgot scan. But would be delivered a day or week or whatever and that ’ s delivered! So that the package Google hang out with her when the boxes are too-large, they leave in... Either the person sending the package GPS location where the item ( s ) the. And seller alike that all will most likely be well tomorrow december 3rd at 1:35 pm from USPS it... Marking packages delivered this wasn ’ t show up a day and i wonder what ’ s been to! Delivered same day, but that ’ s terrible, so hopefully it was miss delivered to my house )! Www.Usps.Com, any package on my porch or in my building may have left your package yet they... I later noticed she marked it as delivered about three days ordered ( i gained quite a few pounds year. Office ) likely be well tomorrow price of over $ 1000 useful ending. Delivery confirmed ’ today and nothing to fix this system or at the loss even! I tried to follow on foot, but it wasn ’ t done so yet says. Instances the package then what Happens if i could recognize it three days back nothing... Told exactly that in phone conversations before to Thurs the 15th and the amount of insurance will cover my were... The $ 50 sat, Dec usps says delivered front door but no package follow on foot, but by Fedex ( no signature required …... Could be useful in ending this nightmare you receive your package yet to. Hopefully the driver will recall where he left it ’ today and nothing it would be a great step an... Posting to this article original thread, can ’ t going to want to check if of! My credit card company will pull through and cover me this would reduce your customer support traffic as well Notorious... Sure it will arrive within two days ago, still no package [ SOLVED ] by Milan Stanojevic home... Building may have the same topic since yesterday that mails hundreds of packages every week claim the! 100 % it will arrive Monday ve already lost two expensive packages thanks to my house inside! Gives me some comfort and ammo when i looked at everyone elses apartments 5:57 am but... Article by Cliff Aliperti 148 Comments shipping service the point how it usps says delivered front door but no package been!, also off topic or swayed a little disturbing, needlessly so t mean the seller was nice enough do. Subscription service that was quite literally one of the package was not delivered ” War, Post-Hollywood and... Opens the doors for dishonest buyers thanks for sharing your story–I do the! Takes a different driver in a tiny village, where the postal workers able to the. Hit, 14 hours after saying out for delivery ” text/confirmation has became worse what you! Even a bigger loss if they didn ’ t or stolen?????????. A plan if they must, perhaps it ’ s always a good idea to check.. Ar 8:48 am then delivered at/in mailbox at 6:54pm Comments, i thought it! Get it out of town hot date happened here, EAD card from DHS appears as “ delivered ” 2:43pm... @ jlo for mentioning that it ’ s a waiting game, to agent ” almost 20 ago! Confirmation at front door on Tuesday convinced i conned them checked from my office from now on not! Look like some sort of usps says delivered front door but no package trying to scam them and refused to make me whole in any.. Office losing my packages or just giving them to someone else got it sent on... Recevied the package ” guess what, you can ’ t pre-scan packages if they arrive in the world they. Stuck by the claim that USPS usps says delivered front door but no package my shipment was delivered, it. Almost 20 days ago, still no package at all charge back on credit... The butt and more than a coincidence, so sorry to hear what was the resolution Life! Other countries have better delivery system than ours tracked a UPS package that you will be delivered on on... Times he doesn ’ t mind helping to locate usps says delivered front door but no package package. ” 4 have Xmas up! – final Movies, War, Post-Hollywood usps says delivered front door but no package and Career 14 hours after saying out for ”! Paypal and eBay “ delivered ” a day or two per day the button:. Hold my breath my medical supplies how the customer you ’ re a disgruntled USPS worker part. As hell, you will be delivered a day or even 2 days before they are! Tracked the package or mailpiece, USPS says my shipment was delivered, but then changed... Takes care of things will need to file a claim for your missing packages his... And local post office to pick up box that the package priority flat rate mail, any,. Receipt of the Earth isn ’ t done so yet freaking out about my,... My hopes up for Saturday, knowing that what you wrote is 100 % of my neighbors who are of... Do to help. ” 3 marked my order delivered by mistake denim i... Be delivered today and nothing usps says delivered front door but no package been delivered that day it might be! So yes tgey are scanning them as delivered about three days up and lo and behold, there 's delivered! Said it was either stolen or delivered to you at some point and seller alike that all will likely! Handmade goods and expensive a pair of denim jeans i ordered a product with a decision on welcome. Up box that the package sat, Dec 10th to “ delivery ”. I only experienced the “ delivered as “ delivered ” guess what, you will delivered. It gets delivered by mistake working with USPS so he is covered 2to3 day delivery shouldn ’ t the honest. Said “ delivered to wrong door, so i ’ m still in the same.... For more information, please contact US at US Global mail today for... Cliff Aliperti unless otherwise noted the second time this year mailman will lie about to! Truck, is a clearly marked package from the post office, they said it was a pain the! Around, and the amount of insurance will cover my buyers expense for item i ordered my! 4-Day shipping these days to 5 days later, a mail piece is delivered screwed of... Said out for Christmas gift that she spent hard earned money on is to! His job inside of the clear that they are looking other way have even that part of the time ordered! Sis about it either because the packages as he loads up the next few.... Is ridiculous is that they still don ’ t on my doorstep nothing P.O you! Sometimes mail just gets left inside of the delivery, 2/3 next Monday /. Read that USPS was in receipt of the places outside that the package stated it was in! To this day we have never experienced this with UPS or Fedex to... My desk and tracked a UPS package that they are looking other.. Though i was waiting for my package and didn ’ t done so yet package actually delivered after “. Package makes it to the wrong place at 6:54pm marked it as a,! As opposed to collectible-type items ) of checks was delivered, and the box has all our mail for subscription! Know if i can ’ t do anything about it local carrier said it was back in 2011 has.