In top medical colleges in America, the course fee can go beyond US$ 65,000 per year, and you have to additionally bear hostel and mess expenses. MBBS in Armenia * 6 Years learning *Visa assistance *complete assistance *2018,2019 NEET passed out can apply Abroad RMGOE +91-9999709233;; H-51, Sector-63, Noida; Twitter. Disadvantages of MD or MBBS in America . Armenia is a democratic nation and from the ancient periods, it has followed all its cultural tradition. Sometimes many candidates share one room along with kitchen, washroom. A student need not undertake any entrance test in order to get admission in the top medical universities in Armenia. Therefore, MBBS in Armenia is the wise choice for them who wants to pursue their MBBS study in foreign. ( Log Out /  Step 2: Fill up the online application form will all the required documents. ADMISSION PROCEDURE FOR MBBS IN ARMENIA. Most of the disadvantages of MBBS from Armenia arise when the student fails to adjust to the new place. MBBS … In addition, after doing MBBS from Armenia you need to give the screening test to practice in India. The students need to know about the living cost of Armenia. The students must carry their medical certificate along with the HIV report. The necessities are such as accommodation, tuition fees, and hostel fees and so on. As English is an international language therefore, it will be easier for the students to understand and communicate. Being one of the oldest universities in Armenia, University of Traditional Medicine is known for offering excellent medical education for the medical aspirants wishing to pursue MBBS from Armenia along with affordable fee structure. However, even when the temperature is below 0°, the students won’t have any problem when they are inside any … The important fact is that the students, who will fail, cannot get approval from MCI for practicing in India. In addition, the people who live there are friendly by nature and they will help you if needed. MBBS in Armenia, The best choice for Indian medical aspirants is studying MBBS in Armenia. If anyone, any medical aspirants face any danger then the Armenian people will surely be there to save them. We always try to maintain our quality standard of services. Apart from this, the living cost is not so high and the visa process is also easy. It is your opportunity of a lifetime to study MBBS in Armenia in prime MCI approved Medical Universities at very reasonable prices. Although there are a few disadvantages while one studies in Armenia, there are always more benefits. The facilities are like library service, canteen facilities and so on. The MBBS degree that students get from Armenia medical colleges are globally renowned and hold great worth. Indian students get everything that they wish for in their medical university. Although there are a few disadvantages while one studies in Armenia, there are always more benefits. The students can appear for the screening exam for many times as there is no limit regarding the same. Armenian universities always ensure a safe environment for their candidates. In Armenia, students can experience a high-quality education system. No exam process is there except the exam of MCI screening to identify the degree of post graduation. The benefits of doing MBBS from Armenia are: Besides many advantages, there are also some disadvantages for those who wish to study MBBS in Armenia. 2nd Floor, Metro Station, F-16, Preet Vihar, New Delhi 10092, India +91-9212101597 Therefore, the Indian students need to appear NEET to study MBBS in Armenia. Apart from this, Universities of Armenia arrange various kinds of exchange program for their students. They need to know about the transportation cost also so that they will not face any issue after reaching there. Course duration for pursuing MBBS in Armenia will take 6 years including 1 year internship in all major institutions. The study environment at MBBS universities in Armenia is engaging and peaceful. Now, this could be the best time for you to determine the pitfalls of doing MBBS in Armenia. Disclaimer: Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. If you pass this exam with a good score then you will be shortlisted for higher studies in medical science. To some extent. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Generally, the admission process for MBBS study in Armenia starts from July, August. The size and equipment of these kinds of residents may vary. This is one of the major disadvantages for the students who come to take MBBS admission in Russia. Moreover, Armenian universities o also grants many financial bits of help for the students. MBBS IN ARMENIA Home > MBBS in Armenia MBBS IN ARMENIA MBBS in Armenia can be the best option for the Indian Medical aspirants. A candidate from India can get confirmed admission for MBBS in Armenia on fulfilling the required eligibility criteria. There is no requirement for any kind of entrance exam and language test. The medical degrees will be provided by the universities of Armenia. If the candidates can qualify their exam then they can be a certified doctor in India. Another benefit is it is a very safe place for women and the students come from India. If you fail in this exam, no issue, you can still continue your MBBS study without any hazards. Advantages & Disadvantages of MBBS in Russia. Also, you might be schooled Hayeren (Armenian language) in the university. Very few students can qualify this examination as it is very tough to clear for all. As per the records, in the year of 2013 the percentage of passing this exam was 29 % in May. The student has to score at least 55% marks in + 2. In addition, the private medical colleges of India demand a large amount of money as a donation. Students become eligible for working in government hospitals after completing their MBBS course. The degree which may be awarded is recognized by Medical councils and valid globally. MBBS in Abroad for Indian students at Low Fee Structure. The candidates who are doing their internship can get opportunities to work with medical hospitals and start their career there. Disadvantages of MBBS from Armenia for Indian Students 2020. Disadvantages of studying in Armenia Students become eligible for working in government hospitals after completing their MBBS course. These Universities are approved by MCI and WHO. In India, the time of the program will be 5 years, on the other hand, MBBS in Armenia, it really is 6 years that is additional value going. The major improvement in the percentage has been noticed in the last year as it was recorded 26% in the last year. Eligibility for Admission to Study MBBS From Abroad. Pursuing MD or MBBS in America is not cheap and can set you back by tens of thousands of dollars. One year is needed for completing the internship. Skip to content. MBBS in Armenia- Fee Structure & University Details. Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Armenia Appearing for the screening test to get the license could be a disadvantage for some students but not all. If you come across this article, make sure you read it completely, especially the disadvantages because no MBBS abroad consultant will tell you about all this. English is their medium of teaching courses. Edit them in the Widget section of the, MBBS in Abroad Consultant for Indian Students, Study Overseas – A student need not undertake any entrance test in order to get admission in the top medical universities in Armenia. It will help you to avoid tough, lengthy process of the screening test. They use English as the medium of communication. The medical aspirants also need to know about the climatic condition of Armenia as they have to stay there for long. The time for getting your Visa issued will depend on the working days and procedure of Embassy. In addition, the last three years the candidates need to do clinical practices along with the studies. The universities conduct various medical programs for the benefits of their students. You will get financial support from us in case of any emergency. MBBS colleges in Armenia provide great academics, as well as sports. The age of the students needs to be between 17 years and below 25 years before the date of admission. You might be eligible to make an application for MBBS in India in the event that you clean the licensing check. In India, we can see that there are tough competitions among the students for seats. Therefore, there is a chance for bright students from India to grab the opportunity of scholarship. Facebook. It is located in the region of Eurasia and is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. People can enjoy wide varieties of flora and fauna here. It is also advisable to consult with the reliable and expert consultants before applying for any university in Armenia. The passing percentage was 18% from Russia. Therefore, the number of medical aspirants in Armenia is increasing day by day. The career prospect will be better for NEET passed candidates as it is mandatory to give this exam. You also get laundry services and Wi-Fi facility there. Study in Armenia in Top MCI Medical Universities at low fee structure! Armenian universities also offer their students opportunities for international scholarship. During these six years you will get enough knowledge, combined training, practical learning and modern approach in Medicine. The students do not need to pay huge amount of money as donation. Though Armenian is termed as the official language of Armenia, yet the MBBS classes for international students are conducted in English as a medium of instruction. Many students get confused about whether to purse MBBS admission in Russia or not.